Cheapest Car Insurance in West Virginia

The cheapest car insurance in West Virginia is the perfect resource to find the best car insurance deals. Get all the information you need on your most affordable car insurance in West Virginia.

It takes some time to find the best car insurance in West Virginia. It is worth the effort. The cost is $488 per annum for the minimum coverage, while the full coverage cost is $1,499 per annum. Car insurance companies in West Virginia have access to low-cost premiums for drivers who keep their licenses and driving records clean. This is because the state has a high car accident rate.

West Virginia Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Premiums

cheapest car insurance in west virginia

You can find the best and most affordable auto insurance in West Virginia by starting your search with these four companies. They are the most popular and most often used by West Virginians.

All around the country

Nationwide provides West Virginia drivers with the opportunity to make up for any driving mistakes. With Nationwide SmartRide, the Nationwide Insurance Company offers discounts based on how safe you drive. This program is a free service that monitors your driving habits and gives you rewards for being safe.


The cheapest car insurance provider for full coverage is Erie. They have the lowest prices in the industry and often offer additional discounts to their customers with a good driving record and completed the State Farm Steer Clear safety program. You may be eligible for a significant discount if you live in a small community with few other insurance companies.

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West Virginian riders may be interested in the policy of the insurance company. The gap between being offline and paying a fare has been filled with this. The company can offer drivers who are willing to monitor their driving habits Drivewise. This could provide savings incentives for safe drivers. According to the insurer, drivers can save 40% on their renewals if Drivewise monitors their driving habits. It is possible to determine the best coverage levels with the help of the tool offered by Allstate.


West Virginia residents can use the Price Tool to set a budget and find coverage options within it. West Virginia residents can add coverages to their Progressive car insurance, including rental car reimbursement, custom parts, equipment, gap insurance, and more. Even if Progressive isn’t the best deal, drivers can compare car insurance rates with different companies to find the best savings.

Minimum Coverage for Drivers in West Virginia

Minimum liability coverage is required for drivers in West Virginia. It can be broken down in the following way.

  • The liability for bodily injury is $25,000 per person.
  • Liability for bodily injury is $50,000 per accident.
  • There is a property damage liability of $25,000 per accident.

If you own a vehicle of a higher value or have assets like a home or a business, you should consider increasing your car insurance limits. If you cause more than $25,000 in injuries or damages to others in an accident, you could be held responsible for paying out-of-pocket costs. Liability insurance only covers damages to other people and not damage to your vehicle. Collision and comprehensive insurance protect you if your car is damaged or destroyed in an accident.

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Get Cheap Car Insurance in West Virginia

cheapest car insurance in west virginia

The best auto insurance in West Virginia can be found by selecting the right company. There are many different ways to save money.

Compare additional coverage: Most insurance companies offer several optional coverages, like roadside assistance and guaranteed replacement value. Adding these coverages to your policy can significantly impact your premium. One of the more essential factors is full glass coverage. This covers any glass that has been broken on your vehicle.

Get multiple quotes: Getting an online auto insurance quote is as easy as visiting our website. You have to click the links found at the bottom of our page, which will direct you to fill out a short application form, and instantly different formats from various auto insurance companies will be presented on your screen. After doing so, you may compare additional quotes and statistics relevant to your policy then select one as applicable to your needs after concluding peace talks with the insurance provider.

Get discounts on car insurance: Auto insurance firms provide discounts to assist in acquiring and retaining new customers. It’s essential to be aware of any discounts they offer, especially when it comes to bundling and early or automatic payments. You also want to make sure you qualify for multiple vehicle discounts, good student discounts, and other special offers.

Credit score improvement: If your credit is in good standing, it could lower your auto insurance rates. However, one of the main reasons insurance companies raise your rates is because you have a high rate of claims. So, improving your credit by making timely payments on your debt and loans will do more to help keep your rates low than simply paying your bills on time.

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You should raise your deductible: To save money on your car insurance premiums, make sure you are a safe driver with no claims or accidents on your record. You should consider raising your deductible if you are a good driver with no claims or accidents. Remember that the greater your deductible, the more you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cheapest West Virginia car insurance?

There isn’t a single best car insurer in West Virginia. Depending on what insurance company you choose, it all depends. If you want to find the best match for your insurance needs, you can get quotes from many carriers.

Which state has the cheapest car insurance?

Your driving record, age, location, type of vehicle and the coverages you choose are some of the factors that affect your rate. According to the sample driver’s rate, Erie has the lowest car insurance prices for the state minimum coverage. State Farm has rates for the full range that are the most expensive.

What is the cost of car insurance in the US?

In the United States, the average annual cost of vehicle insurance is $1674. West Virginia has the highest premiums of any state at $1,499 per year for full coverage.

Why are young adults paying more for car insurance?

Premiums for car insurance vary widely, depending on such factors as driver age, driving record, credit history, vehicle type, and coverage type. Younger drivers often pay higher rates than older drivers because they are more likely to be involved in severe and fatal crashes.

Good news: As young drivers gain more driving experience, the premium decreases, but savings like being a good student can offset the increase in premiums.


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