Best Cheap Car Insurance in San Bernardino

Find cheap car insurance in San Bernardino and get the lowest rates. There are so many different options for auto insurance, and it is confusing to get the proper coverage. This article will show you how to find the best insurance rates.

San Bernardino has more than 215,000 residents. Average annual rates for insurance are $766 per annum for minimum coverage and $2,193 for full coverage. It is still feasible to obtain reasonable rates in this densely populated region of California, provided you are conversant with both regional and national carrier standards.

For an accurate comparison of the best credit card offers available, Bankrate reviewed the rates from Quadrant Information Services. This revealed which carrier provided the best rates within the region. Further analysis also showed which pages offer the best customer service ratings, financial strength, and other factors that consumers should consider before deciding.

Best car insurance companies in San Bernardino

car insurance in San Bernardino

A car insurance carrier that uses Quadrant Information Services to determine which page is best for San Bernardino should be reviewed. Customers were surveyed to assess satisfaction and which companies offer vital customer service and competitive rates.


Geico is a huge auto insurance company, which means it has offered products for over 75 years. They have continuously been recognized among America’s top twenty insurance firms by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Their mobile app allows you to manage your policy from anywhere. You can make claims, change your approach and even call roadside assistance.

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It’s hard to compete with companies that have been around for decades. But if you’re looking for a company that will still be in business a few decades from now, Mercury Insurance might be worth checking out. Their standard coverage options are good, and you can add extra coverage with their ride-hailing and roadside coverage options.


Wawanesa Regional has the highest J.D.Power score of all carriers in the 2020 J.D.Power survey. This carrier provides a complete coverage option, including vehicle manufacturer replacement parts. With the additional savings you can enjoy by being part of their loyalty, affinity, or multi-policy discounts, and you can enjoy lower-cost insurance.


Progressive’s 2020 JD scores show it is higher than the industry average and the top 3rd for auto insurance companies in the nation. Customers will also find that Progressive offers a wide range of discounts, including policy bundle savings and paid-in-full incentives. And Progressive even provides the option to reduce your deductible by $50 per year if you are still free from claims and enroll in Deductible Savings Bank.

Cheaper car insurance in San Bernardino

car insurance in San Bernardino

The annual average for car insurance in San Bernardino is $1.674, but full coverage costs more than that. California drivers pay $2,065 per year for whole coverage policies, which is more than the average cost for the state.

You may not recognize the names, but a few companies in the insurance industry provide highly competitive car insurance rates. For example, according to the rating agency, AAA has the best car insurance company, and Mercury Insurance has the best auto insurance policy. Each of the five major car insurance companies has a rating from the rating agency, highlighting their superior financial performance.

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The requirements for insurance in San Bernardino

Drivers in California must carry minimum liability insurance, including these basic coverage requirements:

  • For injury or death, the cost is $15,000.
  • For injury or death, it costs $30,000 per accident.
  • For property damage, it’s $5,000 per accident.

If you do not have sufficient funds in your checking or savings account to purchase only the minimum necessary to drive legally, most lenders require that you buy optional collision and comprehensive coverage. Gap insurance coverage is also needed by most lenders for vehicles less than a year old.

The car insurance discounts in San Bernardino.

Car insurance costs in San Bernardino are more expensive than the national average, so it’s essential to get as many discounts as you can. There are many things you can do to reduce your premiums.

  • Excellent student: If your grades are excellent and you’re a high school or college student, check if your college or university offers additional premium discounts.
  • Paid in full: Paying a premium upfront instead of having it automatically deducted from your paycheck will likely get you lower insurance rates.
  • Loyalty: Multiple carriers offer additional savings on premiums and deductibles if your carrier is the same year after year.
  • Safe driver: You can get discounts for safe driving habits if you use a device equipped with a telematics module or mobile app from your provider.

You’ll enjoy even more significant savings with a discount auto policy. With this kind of plan, you’re paying a discount for your policy rather than paying the total cost of your premium. You’ll also find that your deductibles have increased, but the benefits of having collision and comprehensive coverage remain the same.

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Questions are asked frequently

Which is the best company for auto insurance?

When shopping for car insurance in San Bernardino, you’re going to want to look for a carrier that’s reliable, customer-oriented, and has a solid financial standing. Consumers are more likely to choose carriers with financial ratings in the top quartile, excellent customer service ratings, and digital assets for policy administration. Bankrate evaluated these, which found that Geico, USAA, and Amica are top-choice carriers and worth further consideration.

What amount of car insurance is needed in San Bernardino?

You should only buy coverage that meets your state’s minimum requirements and choose the coverage options that are best suited to your needs. For example, California is ranked tenth in the nation for uninsured motorists. Uninsured motorist coverage can provide more excellent coverage in an accident where someone is not insured and is ruled at fault.

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